No class; French New Wave lecture outline

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I must cancel class today. We’ll pick up with national cinemas on Wednesday. The lecture outline is below.


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National Cinemas–French New Wave

Remember that the reserve article for next week is “French New Wave” by T. Jefferson Kline and the film is The 400 Blows (Francois Truffaut, 1959).  Blog prompt is posted on Blackboard.

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Ideological Criticism Lecture Outline and Micro-essay Prompt


Micro-essay Prompt

1)            Identify one dominant ideological position of America in the 1950s that provides context for the film.

2)            Describe a moment in the clip where we see Sirk using film narrative or style elements to challenge or call that dominant ideology into question. Make sure to cite specific examples from the clip.

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The Century Documentary

For those of you who may have missed it in class or simply want to review, the documentary on America in the 1950s is embedded below.

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Romantic Comedy Lecture Outline (Genre)


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Updated Course Schedule

I’m not changing any content, but I am changing the order of the units in the second half of the semester. Be sure to download the new revised Course Schedule.


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Information for genre unit

As we are not having a class meeting on Monday, I am providing you with some additional information that should help you with developing a sense of what the narrative and formal characteristics of the neo-traditional romantic comedy are.  Be sure to read the McDonald excerpt from Romantic Comedy: Boy Meets Girl Meets Genre (library e-reserve) and complete the blog prompt response by 9am on Monday as usual.  At 10am on Monday, check back here on the course blog for a link to the lecture outline for neo-traditional romantic comedy and genre. The outline will contain footnoted references to specific clips that you can stream on your computer via a shared Dropbox folder (I sent a Dropbox invite to your YCP email address).  These clips will provide further background for the 27 Dresses clips that we will look at in class on Wednesday. See you then.

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