Citizen Kane discussion questions

Please be prepared to discuss the following issues in Citizen Kane for class on Friday:

Where does the plot begin?  Where does it end?  Duration?

Where does the story begin?  Where does it end?  Duration?

What is the overall tone of the film?

What is Rosebud?

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2 Responses to Citizen Kane discussion questions

  1. Richard Holtzapple says:

    The plot begins with Jerry Thompson’s search to find out about the private life of Charles Kane. The plot ends with Mr. Kane’s belongings being destroyed in a furnace at Xanadu. The duration was a few days to possibly two weeks.

    The story begins with Kane’s childhood and ends with his belongings being destroyed at Xanadu.

    The overall tone is sadness and despair.

    Rosebud was the name of a sled that Kane had as a child. I believe Rosebud represents his childhood since it was taken from when he was sent to live with Thatcher.

  2. Joshua Skinner says:

    Joshua Skinner
    Where does the plot begin? Where does it end? Duration?
    The plot began when Kane muttered his final words and dropped the glass ball. It ended when you see rosebud being thrown into the fire and watch as the water and paint begins to evaporate off.
    Where does the story begin? Where does it end? Duration?
    The story begins when Charles is playing outside in the snow while his parents discuss where and what should be done with him. It ends when he dies.
    What is the overall tone of the film?
    It is rather dramatic because they keep referring to his death and talking about how much people loved him or hated him. Early on in the flashbacks it keeps an upbeat tone because all Charles wants to do is shut down his mentors company because of its greed all the while having a good time rebelling and wildly spending money. Later on he becomes obsessed with getting people to like him which turns into a very selfish tone of wanting everything his way until his second wife leaves him and he realizes the error of his ways but it’s too late. Whether he really realizes he was wrong is debatable because as his second wife leaves he uses a poor choice of words that reveal he wants her to stay because he wants it not because she wants it.
    What is Rosebud?
    Rosebud was the sled he got for his first Christmas away from home.

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